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Double Thick Cards

The folks at Mohawk Paper finally released their digital product called Mohawk Layers™ a specially made stock that allows customers to create double thick printed products at affordable prices. The secret is a dry, pressure sensitive adhesive that activates under extreme pressure.
This product is great for business cards and greeting cards, adding a real boost in quality feel.

Mohawk Layers product

How we do it at Color Incorporated:

First, we print each side separately on our HP Indigo 5500 digital press.

HP Indigo 5500 digital press is used for printing on Mohawk Layers stock

Double Thick Cards with using Mohawk’s Layers printed on our HP Indigo 5500

Then we bring the printed pieces over to our elephant cage where Fanny the Elephant and her friends apply the right amount of pressure to activate the glue which holds the two parts together.*

circus elephants

Elephants applying the necessary PSI to enact the pressure sensitive adhesive

The product is based on the ever popular SuperFine line of paper. We offer it in Ultra White Eggshell. This product is great for smaller print orders.

Mohawk Superfine Layers Glue One Side (G1S) is approximately 17 point caliper, Superfine Eggshell 120 cover with the print surface on the top side and cohesive glue on the back side. Two G1S sheets laminated together, post printing, produce a 34 point stock.

*Actual process remains proprietary, a trade secret.

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