Artwork Services

Production Art / Mechanical Layoutproduction.jpg_1

Our production art studio delivers time and money savings to Consumer Product Groups and Advertising Agencies allowing design agencies to focus on creative not technical details. This integrated process combines production art, assembly and press-ready file preparation. Our technical skills applied to the assembly of mechanical artwork files means that we deliver optimized and technically sound artwork files early in the process. Benefits:

  • Moves the design finishing duties to a less costly vendor.
  • Combines art production + assembly + digital file preparation to streamline the process.
  • Specialized Production House technicians deliver greater accuracy.
  • Optimized graphic element result in design consistency.

Retouching capabilities

Color Correction / Retouching

We know color and how it behaves in print. We can help you make the right moves on your brand elements. Print with the best possible result under any printing condition. An imaging studio should employ experienced Photoshop specialists and have contract proofing available to verify all work. We are staffed with color specialists providing color correction and color matching, retouching and image composition.
We offer:

  • Product matches
  • Expanded Gamut capability (Hexachrome and CMYKOGV)
  • Photo restoration
  • Color optimization
  • Data compensation for target print processes