Pre-Press Services



Assembly work involves the careful application of prepress skills, a blending of art and science. Our service includes: pre-flight review file analysis, image optimizing targeted conversion color scanning, silhouetting image placement, smooth blend construction, bleed and tolerance settings, color trapping. If it’s not done right in assembly, it’ll never be right on press.


Press-Ready Digital File Preparation

That digital file you think is press-ready might not be truly press-ready after all. Commercial, industrial and publication printing employ different printing methods and many different substrates. Graphic data must be compensated for these differences to achieve consistent color results.

Press-ready means that data is:
• Optimized to the specific printing process and substrate
• Accurate in mechanics and color science
• Consistent in printability

Achieving these essential attributes is critical for achieving brand equity. The ability to deliver on this promise takes the full time work of professionals with thorough knowledge of printing science. This is what we do best.

Color ProofingCi_proofs.jpg_1

Contract proofs are an indispensable tool for color communication.  We currently offer the following proofing technologies based on your specific proofing need:

  • GRACoL and SWOP spectrometer certified Epson inkjet proofs.
  • SNAP certified newsprint proofs.
  • Fuji Final Proof.

Computer-to-Plate Imposition

If you need to deliver CTP device-ready files for direct output to plate setters we can help. Stepped, imposed, ripped, and transferred directly to printing location for immediate plate output.